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Snarr Agent Academy Is focused on providing education and resources to make an immediate impact in your business. These resources and opportunities are customized to our market and strategies and can be found nowhere else. From our OnDemand video course to the SAA Authoring Program and our live group or 1-on-1 coaching! No-one does it like Snarr Agent Academy!

Roy Snarr is in the 1%, nationally, of all LTC producers!

Roy Snarr currently holds multiple industry certifications including: CFFⓇ, LACP, NSSAⓇ & CLTCⓇ

Roy is a current, Six-time, MDRT Top of the Table production award winner!

What’s the next step?

Now’s the time to get into this program and start learning how you can help your clients and drive more revenue into your business by selling Extended Care Planning and LTC products! All for only $129.00 per month!

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