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The Simple Truth?
Most agents don’t understand the IMPORTANCE of the Extended Care planning process… Because they don’t understand it, they aren’t able to guide consumers through this planning process properly, and end up not making the incredible impact in their customer’s lives that they could have.

If that same agent was part of Snarr Agent Academy, they would have access to a community of successful professionals, sales resources, and educational processes designed to help them learn how to become Extended Care professionals and make that impact with their clients.

If you want to learn from a nationally recognized expert who has continuously qualified for MDRT status – someone who can really help you GROW your business! Then you’ve come to the right place!

What do you get in our Pro Level Membership?

In this program you will get access to the different pieces you need to be successful or level up your capabilities and resources, like our:

  • LTC Educational Course
  • Extended Care Sales Mastery Course
  • Exclusive Seminar Training Course
  • Sales Material
  • Training Material
  • Marketing Strategies and Material
  • **Weekly Group Coaching Program (Where we review cases live and discuss real strategies for helping clients.)
  • Referral Income Opportunities (25% Referral Fee)

Look, we’re not going to sit here and tell you that this program will make you a millionaire… Learning how to handle the Extended Care conversations and sell LTC products can be complicated – WAY more complicated than selling a Final Expense, Medicare Supplement, or Advantage policy. That being said we offer two types of outcomes that we help you work towards inside our program.

  • Option one: Learn how to be an Extended Care Pro, utilizing our resources and real world (not just classroom theory) guidance.
  • Option two: Utilize what we can teach you about cross-selling, marketing, and building your brand to partner with us and bring this valuable service to your clients. By doing so, you can help your clients while creating an additional revenue stream utilizing our resources and referral partnership program.

Either way the first step is joining us on this adventure! We only onboard a limited number of agents or referral partnerships into our program at one time so let’s get you started today by teaching you the basics of LTC and Extended Care Planning!

Agents must be enrolled into the academy to receive the 25% or we pay 10% to any referring agent. SAA Pro is $247.99 monthly, an annual discount is available.

Before business is referred to SAA a fact finder must be completed and a calendar booking must be completed to set up the appointment from the referring agent. The calendar booking with prospective client must be on SAA’s Calendly account and the client must meet SAA’s requirements for assets and health.

The potential client must have a minimum of $350,000 liquid retirement assets and/or $500 per month in budgeted allocation for LTC/Life Insurance. All membership, packages and opportunities to work with clients can be refused by SAA or by the referring agent or subscription payer. This is a very straightforward process. We have to respect everybody’s time.

When we started creating this program, we were told by multiple people that we needed to raise our prices. Big names told us, this program is unique and there is no way we should charge less than 5K upfront for access. Listen we get it… We’re not maximizing our profit per member. What we are doing, is creating a community, a movement, and partnerships.

If we help you find and sell just ONE piece of business over the next 12 months, you’ll make your membership costs back. More than likely you will earn enough to pay for much more than one year’s membership dues. It’s that simple. This isn’t rocket science – you just need guidance.

For a limited time, you can get full access to Snarr Agent Academy and lock in your Pro Membership Pricing for only $247.99/ per month!

About Roy Snarr, CFF, LACP, NSSA
With over a decade of experience, Roy considers himself fortunate to have helped thousands of people from coast to coast become educated on the most relevant retirement planning strategies. He makes regular, national/local television appearances on major networks and is featured as a nationally syndicated published author and contributor.

He makes it a priority to deliver beyond his clients’ expectations by helping them strategize the best solutions for their individual needs. His clients have peace of mind knowing that their families and businesses will be financially sound in the event life throws a catastrophic curveball.

Through his passion and dedication, Roy has built a nationally recognized business. He holds membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) – an international organization consisting of the top 1% of licensed financial professionals in the United States. As a part of his ever-growing financial education, Roy serves as a local board member for the Society of Financial Services Professionals (FSP). With more than 80 years of history, FSP members are licensed professionals who must have a professional credential (designation).

His current designations include: CFF – Certified Financial Fiduciary®, LACP – Life and Annuity Certified Professional, and NSSA – National Social Security Advisor.