SAA BOOK PROGRAM – Social Security 101

This agreement is made between Beyond Publishing dba as Roy Snarr Agency (“Publisher”), and (“Author”) listed below on this form when you submit.

This agreement pertains to the book (“Work”) SOCIAL SECURITY 101:

This agreement constitutes the complete understanding of both parties. Any modifications or waivers shall be invalid unless in writing and signed by both parties. The Publisher and the Author agree: The Author, having the full power to make this agreement and shall hold the Publisher harmless of all suits, claims, and proceedings. This agreement can be cancelled by Author at anytime in writing.

Production / Printing Process:

Publisher will create and provide all interior artwork, cover design, final manuscript, editing, and interior design for books. Publisher will secure printing and oversee production process and shipping of product. Publisher will provide Author print pricing including publishers’ discounts for printing that will be determined by length of book and design elements particular to the work. Author can purchase books at Publisher pricing (below wholesale – approximately $4-7 @ based on final page count and quantity and sell for retail – $20-$25 each) and keep 100% of markup.

#1 International Bestseller on Amazon:

The Publisher will introduce Author’s eBook as a #1 International Bestseller on Amazon.

Book Set-Up for Distribution and Printing (One-Time Author Investment includes):

  • Custom Print Book Interior Format Design
  • Copyright Registration and Industry Standard Formatting for Copyright Page
  • ISBN Assignment for Perfect Bound Book, eBook and hardcover
  • Bar Code and customized back cover content
  • Amazon “LOOK INSIDE” feature
  • Barnes and Noble “READ SAMPLE”
  • E-Book Conversion E-Pub3
  • PRINT File Submission – soft cover, eBook and hardcover “in the system” to hundreds of platforms
  • Amazon Bestseller (includes Launch memes and presale link)
  • Ghostwriting Author’s Chapter
  • Professional Line Edit
  • Custom cover with the authors image

Printing Fees & Charges:

Publisher charges a one-time investment of $8997 for this program.

Publisher charges 3% merch fee if paying w/ card Zelle, Check & Bankwire, no fee. No refunds on orders but Author can request to delay launch for up to 12 months.  Approximate time to launching of book is 4 weeks after intake call.

Book Royalty Payout:

Author makes 100% on books she/he personally sells, and Publisher pays Author 50% on all global eBooks, print books and audio book sales. Royalty payments and reporting are industry standard and includes sales from,, and dozens of other sites. Royalty payouts and reporting on February 15 and August 15. Royalties are paid in perpetuity to Author’s estate or whomever Author designates.


We are not nor is the content of the book or any other material associated with any state, federal government agency. Publisher is not responsible for any potential misrepresentations and/or statements made and/or given to Publisher by Author.


By entering your information below and hitting Submit you are agreeing to and acknowledging your accept of the information on this page.


Both parties have duly executed this Agreement by their signatures below:

Publisher: Beyond Publishing

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