From our LTC & Extended Care Playbook to our white-labeled books and forms

In this program we’ve provided everything we use regularly in our business to help you scale your own practice or even get started in this niche. There is quite a bit involved which is why we do weekly group coaching, special training events, resources and more.


Learn from someone in the forefront of the industry

Learn from someone with a proven track record of success. It doesn’t get much better than a Six-time MDRT Top of the Table production award winner. Currently ranked #1 by region in LTC production with 2 carriers. We give you weekly group coaching access to Roy and the team.


Snarr academy helps you close deals and get paid faster

It’s not just about giving you a sales presentation or being told about a products benefits, features or underwriting. At Snarr Agent Academy we give you the support you need to implement and what’s more produce. At the end of the day increasing your production and income is what matters to us.

You need a combination of the right tools, legendary coaching, and ongoing support to become a champion!

Extended Care planning, including long-term care strategies, can be complicated to position and sell. It isn’t a commodity type of sale – it’s a big-ticket item. It requires a commitment to learning and education. It requires your taking the time and diving into the needs of each and every client. Honestly, it’s not for everyone. That’s why we provide two types of services.

We can either:

Show you what you need to know in order to become an expert in this niche. We do that by giving you access to the tools, resources and knowledge that it takes to market and sell LTC and Extended Care programs yourself… or
Show you how to find the deals either through marketing or working your existing block of business. Train you on a value-added process we have created for sending business to us to close for you, while still providing you with a significant financial opportunity.
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Our program includes:

  • Updated and brandable forms, resources and strategies
  • Proven process
  • Weekly group coaching support
  • Sales support
  • Commissionable referral partnerships

The Five Keys

5 Keys to adding 500k a year to your agency!

Here’s the lowdown. If you want to create an additional $500k+ in annual revenue for your agency, then you have to help your clients solve a big problem. For seniors today, Extended Care planning is just about as big as it can get! Most seniors are NOT prepared for the type of financial devastation that even a short-term stay can cause – let alone a long-term stay. In this program you will learn how to market, sell, and process business in the Extended Care / LTC market.



Education On LTC, Extended Care Planning, Carriers, & Products


Sales Process

Integrated Needs-Based Sales Process


Business Submission Process

Guides and how to’s on Submitting Business, Underwriting, & The Follow Through


World Class Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies, Branding, Publishing and Public Relations


Sales Support & Partnership

Sales Support, Continuous Coaching, & Partnership Opportunities

Who is Roy Snarr?

With over a decade of experience, Roy considers himself fortunate to have helped thousands of people from coast to coast become educated on the most relevant retirement planning strategies. He makes regular, national/local television appearances on major networks and is featured as a nationally syndicated published author and contributor.

 He makes it a priority to deliver beyond his clients’ expectations by helping them strategize the best solutions for their individual needs. His clients have peace of mind knowing that their families and businesses will be financially sound in the event life throws a catastrophic curveball.

 Through his passion and dedication, Roy has built a nationally recognized business. He holds membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) – an international organization consisting of the top 1% of licensed financial professionals in the United States. As a part of his ever-growing financial education, Roy serves as a local board member for the Society of Financial Services Professionals (FSP). With more than 80 years of history, FSP members are licensed professionals who must have a professional credential (designation).

 His current designations include: CFF – Certified Financial Fiduciary®, LACP – Life and Annuity Certified Professional, and NSSA – National Social Security Advisor.

SAA is not just training! – It’s unique resources you won’t find anywhere else.

Extended Care planning, including long-term care strategies, can be complicated to position and sell. It isn’t a commodity type of sale – it’s a big-ticket item and that requires credibility. Our book program helps you establish that social currency with your prospects and clients.


What our clients are saying!

 “We have been working with Roy and his team for a few years now, within our first year we produced over a quarter million dollars in new revenues and have been consistently hitting six figures a year by cross-selling and helping our clients with Life Insurance and long term strategies.”

– Jason F., TX

“I have been sitting on a gold mine which is my book of business! There are a lot of areas I was not helping my clients with such as long-term care, life insurance and annuities, after a few training sessions With Roy and his team we are now working on over $658,000 photo annuity and long-term care premium!”

– Greg D., TX

“Within our first year we did over six figures of life insurance commissions, one of our biggest months was over 30,000 in new revenue by simply implementing what we learned from Roy. We are very excited to be a part of this platform!”

– Chris A., CA